For all that matters

by Ulises Lima

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Ulises Lima somos Rai, Paul y Tote.
Estas canciones fueron grabadas durante dos días de Octubre del 2014
En Holy Tubes (Calera y Chozas) por Ray Jobbins, con la inestimable ayuda (y paciencia) de Nacho a los mandos.
Agradecimientos: novia, hija, novia, perra, perra, familia, amigos, grupos, ruso, italiano, gallego, asturianos y un extremeño.
Gracias a ti.


released December 15, 2015




Ulises Lima Madrid, Spain

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Track Name: Wage
Workers are not going home tonight
As they decided to fight more for their cause
Sun is shining but who can give a fuck
When all we care is how to get high
Borders and all these people who wants to cross
Our air conditioned is what we call home
Our arrows have been harmless for a while
And we’re walking hand with hand with arrogance
All our days are similar inside
Anyone can join the stadium
Are you ready for a life?
Track Name: Memories
Do you remember that dance? It lasted forever
Those happy days where we were our own saviors
Falling in, into something
Let me buy that bottle of the cheapest wine
Let me go back to those years. Golden years for us

Winter came and we share that blanket
There was a war outside while we found our shelter
Falling in, into something
Let me take a photo of these unique times
We will remember this for years, golden years for us

Remembering our salad days
Track Name: Middle age crisis
The first round, the second runs
I need a break after silence
New boys in town
Sounds like sirens

Feel the ignorance
Middle age crisis approaching

New cuts still bleeding
They need surgery

Grumpy old man in a 30 years old body
Track Name: Numbers
Walking through the path of snakes
Where you can get bit at any time
A hundred days, one hundred hearts
A thousand souls fighting to remember what the fuck brought us here
To this state of indolence

A hundred days, one thousand songs
A million souls and everyone surrenders

Waking up every night with sensations
We can’t breathe as our minds don’t stop
A hundred nights, a thousand wars
A million life wasted by the servant
Track Name: Potholes
Oh dear! You let this happened
You gave anything to me
White trash, two heebs and a bean

Same plans for all that matters
Love and laughs for the ones who deserve it
No hate, no pain just indifference

We will prevail
Track Name: 3 chords
New ep is coming, and it sounds like it never did.
New toys, more days in the studio.
Less spirit to me
Have you said enough?
Now we’re obsessed with the 90´s
But did the 90´s really sounded like this?
Which records brings the right sense to this useless and stupid scene?
Fuck this bullshit, Fuck your laws, fuck this so called “New Stones”
Well “all your songs sounds the same”
I still use the same old three chords
I learned I was just a fucking kid
Fuck this bullshit, Fuck it all, fuck your stupid new fanzines
When everything is invented, all our songs will sound the same
So leave us behind
Track Name: The end of this road
Strangers (that will become) stranglers (without any doubt)
Night came and we felt like those fucking citizens with nothing left to give
And we felt like any other stranger
No one raised and no one saved the day
No heroes needed here
Just a bullet and a plan
And a solid reason to change
Track Name: There's a song for every father
Now that’s all behind feel the euphoria, even today
We all fall in hysteria, all that pain. Absurd
We are forty hands and all that shame
Walk for forty miles. Absurd
Learning new added values
Still looking for that day
Try to follow step by step one idea of how to be
That’s why I listen to Rivulets
And still I get something positive
There’s a song for every father where all the sons can find themselves

Looking for attention
There’s no need for me to see
That nothing matters more to me
That this idea and how he teached me
Track Name: Oblivion
It happened right there after the summer days
All the old allies waking up
So the victims became assassins
And that’s the point.
It’s just a matter of time

We stayed behind looking for common sense
Falling in lies we made as our life
New devotees for any cause
And that’s the point
It’s just a matter of time

Slavery as a lifestyle
That’s how we are creating our life
Something that will pass in front of our eyes,
It’s just a matter of being blind
Track Name: This is our nest
Brightness through a permanent dust
And everyone’s ashamed
Some things never goes as planned, but then everything connects
Eyes wide shut
Shit comes and goes by
Flies like men
And men like flies

Youthfulness how easy to connect in the days of innocence
Brightness through a permanent dust
‘Cause it’s so hard to find
It’s so fucking hard to find

Someone to share the silence