Waiting for the summer

by Ulises Lima

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Gary Sleith
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Gary Sleith one of the best albums of 2012 is now NYP on bandcamp, not to be missed. Favorite track: Waiting for the summer.
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Ocho canciones fueron grabadas durante los días 9 y 10 de julio de 2011. EL resto, el 17 y 18 de diciembre del mismo año. Todas ellas grabadas y mezcladas por Ramón en su estudio en Casa Pecci, Caleras y Chozas, y masterizadas por JJ.Golden de Golden Studios. Toda la música y letra (a excepción de *, realizada por David San Martín) pertenece a Ulises. Las foto de la portada y retratos son producto del ojo magico de Aitor Saraiba. Ulises Lima somos Paul, Ramón y Tote.


released June 1, 2012




Ulises Lima Madrid, Spain

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Track Name: Remember
Get ready to climb to the top, but no one listens…say it loud! It seems that you’re the friend of the boss, but no one listens… say it loud! Years later you think you’re the law, and someone is thinking WHAT FOR? There’s something missing, something that will turn against the shitface you`ve become. Just remember to stay in this fucking company forever.
Track Name: The river
First of all, let me introduce myself (like the old song said…) ANNOYING. DISGUSTING. My fists hit the mirror. Souls are back in town. They’re back for their shelter. We will hit the ground, pass away somehow. Dead by the river. We will find you there, among us. Dead by the river. In this room there’s a mirror and I see my face in it. I’m like the others. Stucked in cigarette smoke. Trapped in a traffic jam. That’s when I realize that I’m like the others.
Track Name: Ashes
Welcome to our common place, it’s time to celebrate. Our friends are happy but I bother about our last trip, when all turned grey. When we became that kind of couple? Let’s fly to Paris, let’s have a kid. Our friends are happy…all you care about is how to move on through all this shit and face it. Don’t pray for us, we’re already buried. Incinerate our ashes. Raise your drink and say cheers for us, our eyes will meet for a while. Raise your drink and say cheers for us, joins us and celebrate
Track Name: Waiting for the summer
Don’t bring me down, there’s something we should do to make us proud. Playing around the sand is the only thing we care about. Waiting for the summer. All these radio songs make you look so pretty…playing around…I’ve nothing to believe, I just want to see the sea. We have nothing but the summer.We’re just two kids with the nicest disease, we just suffer for the summer. Waiting for the summer.
Track Name: Old habits
And then we felt the fury. A thousand souls with guns. There was no time to cross the river. No time to cross the line. A million eyes delivering one message. A hundred knifes with blood. There was one penny to do the right thing. There was one penny to make things right. All the traditions we hide on the darkness… but one stays over all, so I guess our love will survive then. And the dreams and our hopes came to reality when we touched the sand and came into the water. The fear of our hopes…doesn’t mean anything. It seems that we had discovered the beauty of the sand. Far from darkness. The beauty of the sand. The beauty of the water.
Track Name: Silver
Working on it. It represent us. Working for this failed love. Working for this desperation. Working for this failed hope. Working from nine to five just to get a normal life, and learn how to laugh. Now my friend show me the way, so I can pretend that I’m someone else.
Track Name: KIds are still kids
Stay but not too close, because no one will live forever. Save for that dose, this kid has ensured that “nothing is better”. But kids are still kids…Stay but not too close, because you will be gone by the end of September. Tired of this, breathing kills. Wasting opportunities. Sitting here. Doing this. Wasting opportunities. I’m sure I deserve all these lies. They took me where it all began. But you’re so selfish when you forget how we started. Maybe I’m an idiot, but you’re the one that’s behind. And that is what it make us so hard to understand.
Track Name: The dolphin and the lion
I need something of these hopes that you never gave me. I still feel that loss that you left when you betrayed me. So we meet after all these years… “Do you want to have a ride? “ “Oh, What for?” You’re laughing and you’re lying. At least that’s what you show. I’m smoking my last cigarette. It will last the same as this love.
Track Name: A thousand words
The storm came and took everything we have fight for. It left us in the shadows, where we only recognized our eyes. We were standing up each other, with nothing but a conversation. Telling our stories, that’s how we made our new anchor. It looks that we were in trouble, but it was the perfect time to rewrite our story with a thousand words.
Track Name: I shot them all
The darkest forest hides the biggest secret. This must be the highest mountain ever. One of these days I’m going to find all these things that I used for my benefit. And now I know I left the obvious.
Track Name: Easy chicks
Now that a new summer is coming by, it seems that there’s no place for spring here. Now that the winter is left behind, it seems that there’s no place for autumn. I’m being honest when I say: **Days are like stones, but never wasted time. We were alone, even when we talked. I don’t feel sad about the way it was. I’m just getting mad because I want all those feelings back**.
Track Name: First and last time
Here he is, his first shot for the first time. Felt alone, felt worse for the last time. For those unknown lovers who acted blind. I had been suffering for a thousand times. My soft hands and my fragile mind. This is the same place where I buried all your ideas. Can’t let it go for the last time. You can never know when is the last time. One note said “welcome to this morning”. Welcome to this morning.