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Ten Years

by Ulises Lima

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JorgeÁlvaro Hay muy pocos grupos de los que me declaro fan sin ningún rubor. Estas canciones son una prueba más de por qué son la mejor banda este condenado país <3 Favorite track: New year´s eve.
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I Tried to smash the game to get inside the wall, I tried to reach the code to be loved by all. This might be the day to get rid of my ghosts . But I feel quite undone, so I'm coming home. let's just face this soul is about to break, I'm sorry mom but I'm coming home. One floor above, revenge has come to grow. the former genius now it's just dumb. just put yourself among everyone, don't blame your luck for being just a clown. Tried to reach success to be what you demand. I feel undone, so I'm coming home.
Backsheet 03:05
There's a light at the end of the tunnel. There's a sight of a mission accomplished. I should have tried to rise up my own skills. Marginalized, rejoice and do nothing. It drive me nuts when it come to this, and everyone's around. It barelly breaks if it goes like this, all assumptions. there is this place, beyond this rat trap. Marginalized, just battle your own shit. But it goes on and we go with them, we never turn around. What we write is what they leave for us, just the backsheet. we never take the central pages, all the editors cut in line. we just fit right there in the process. We should tear us down, We should fall apart, we could just begin where we started. But it goes on and we march like serpents. Like serpents. We just feel safe if we keep the backsheet. The backsheet.
Here, now 01:43
They are just taking down the symptom, Justify when it's all colapsed. try to erase and burn the wisdom of the one that stood behind. another fucking "perhaps", a vission and a new doubts. Pockets are now filled with terror, what they offer and you demand. Give me something, please just take care for me. Give me instructions, please just tell me how to live. Here, now. Another day, another season, it's just some days that soon will be gone. Another year, another picture of us staring at the sun.
just in front of alley's walls, today. looking for other words I planed to say. Just before my world collapsed, I'm here to stay. looking for the older wars just peacefully fireworks in the avenues, it must be new year´s eve looking for the runaway, today, from this city that reborn again. A kiss between the ears. a hundred songs and a thousand words and I dont care about a fucking thing. A simple way to celebrate that light is here and darkness ended. I shudder fast, a friendly ghost, my past is back again and it's similar to what I left on the rain with no regret.I'm fucking tired of being always wasted. I'm fucking tired of being always wasted.
where's the fucking problem?, if I don't know something I say "it's ok" and shut my mouth, unlike you, you fucking twat what do we know? just criticize the existence, what do we ignore? what can go wrong? The house is burning, the roof is rotten and the floor is gone. the show is empty, and you're still asking for more, asking for more. What do you know? The tour was over, maybe like 10 or 20 years ago. your hair i sgray now but don't worry pal 'cause you're still young we're still young.
P.O.P 03:33
I have a mission, to tell myself that there are some things worth living I rather be dead than embrace that way of life you command I have this vission of your back in my bed when you're not there. Keep this fucking fiction, every fucking day. just keep moving in line (forward) and keep playing the game. saving all the portraits, with nothing but hate. blurred on smoke as they drag to the grave. This poisoned routine. Our just fucking melted. The rattled snake bites again. I rather be dead than embrace that way of life you command.
who's in charge of knowledge? when all I hear is men speaking of every subject, to let you know who is in command. Disrespect, just write it down.The sound of my voice is all I know. who's in charge of your mouth, when it shoots and shoots and shoots, words without substance. The lesson still spreads. Just let them walk, you bigot fuck. as much as you talk, the sickness grows and grows. raise your hand to the one that claims, that he holds all these vissions. The one that sells you well, the housekeeper of the standard living. Look straight just to the eyes of the sinking fucker, that slaps the face of his wife in order to save her. It's time to grab that gun of the wall, just be sure to pull the trigger, just point that one in the balls and it will be all forgiven. and this will be the only tale that kids will know!


Han pasado ya más de diez años desde que todo esto empezó, unos 9 con la formación que ahora presenta este “10 years”. “Joder, qué original el título”; nunca hemos sido muy ágiles a la hora de bautizar nuestros trabajos, para qué mentir. Estos 7 temas que ahora escuchas fueron grabados en Estudios Brazil durante 3 días de octubre de 2019. Son 7 temas que reflejan que cada día es más difícil que podamos estar juntos creando canciones, pero que aún así nos gusta jugar de vez en cuando a ser un grupo de verdad. Hemos intentando siempre ser un grupo honesto, sobre todo con nosotros mismos, y sabemos que la gran mayoría de la gente que nos prestaba atención en su día piensa que nos separamos hace tiempo. Creednos cuando decimos que nosotros mismos lo hemos pensado alguna vez. Pese a todo, aquí seguimos, haciendo esos 134 kilómetros que separan nuestro local en Alcorcón de Calera y Chozas, el pueblo de Rai y buque insignia de la totalidad de nuestras grabaciones exceptuando esta última. Echando cuentas, quizás ensayemos entre 5 y 10 veces por año, por lo que estos temas que ahora escuchas no están nada mal teniendo en cuenta todo, ¿no?


released October 24, 2019

Tote, Paul, Rai




Ulises Lima Madrid, Spain

Diez años bajo el sol.
Ten years under the sun.

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