As far, so close

by Ulises Lima

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Estas canciones forman parte de un trisplit junto nuestras bandas hermanas Shonen Bat y Wann.
Próxima edición a cargo de Atomize, y aquí todas las canciones: e información sobre fechas de presentación en breve.

Muchísimas gracias a todos por sacar tiempo para darnos una escucha. Gracias a los cabrones, vivos o muertos, amados u odiados, que nos han servido de inspiración a la hora de dar forma a estas canciones.


released December 14, 2016

Canciones grabadas en Holy Tube Recordings (Calera y Chozas) en un par de días de...marzo? del 2016, con Ray Jobbins como siempre a los mandos y a la paciencia, y mezcladas por él mismo.
Masterizadas por Naz Aparicio AKA the real number wuan kid from the emo hoods.




Ulises Lima Madrid, Spain

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Track Name: New meaning of burial
I’m so undone, no arms, no bones.
I’m so undone. Buried. Bad work.
Let’s pretend we break the fence.

We have even less today,
not as much as when we began.

This will be our last song.
Track Name: Yiye and Don Benito
Go on and trust your warriors,
they should give you one last chance.
Vote and avoid riots and stay safe for one last dance.
Bad behavior.

Every day is a new search for money
Every day is as fucked as boring
Track Name: Paela
Fever blasts, open ass, our handprints on the sand. Waterfalls on these dry lands all these landfills. Haven’t they robbed enough?

Empty space on every jail.
Welcoming committee. Some guy fell on their mess. It’s been a pleasure.
Haven’t they lied enough?

Be yourself, be a man, be a part of the fucking gang. Tie your hands, tie means sir, feel the luxury. Haven’t they worked so hard?

Vulture’s path, smells like rats, you feel so lucky for a blast. Empty flats on their hands for a brother in law.
Haven’t they laughed enough?

These walls, this feeling that everything is over, a fixed compass that will show our path,
A sound, sensations that a murder is alright.
Their rules made to kill our plans.
It’s time, feeling that everything matters in order to stay alive.

It’s time.
Track Name: Seeds
Go on and spit it out just for a fucking day.
Everybody have their own habits, sometimes it can even help.
Now that all our life are similar
to what they were supposed to be.
Move these walls and try to stay sober,
leaving it behind is so unfair.


Raise your voice and sing it loud,
your melody will bring the affair.
Feeling a new kind of ritual
where hate can fill the plate.
But that’s it. Face it.
Everyone tries to be closer
to the ones that seemed to blame.


Buy all you find in the store,
burn what you never burn before.
Stay in touch with the things you deserved,
spend what you wanted to save.

Be safe